Thompson Town Primary School in Need of Repairs

Since 1928, Thompson Town Primary School has been serving the community of North Western Clarendon; however, it now needs to be repaired and upgraded.

“An Infant Department is one of the most urgent need for the school, as infants are presently being accommodated in a store room and the space, which has been designed for the library,” Annette Thomas, then principal of the school, informed.

She explained that the store room was crammed and does not have enough space for students to pursue their normal activities.

Mrs Thomas further stated that the last time the school was refurbished was in 1995. Currently, the major needs to upgrade the infrastructure of the building are: termite treatment; an up-graded roof, and electrical repairs throughout the facility.

Thompson Town Primary School is one of 14 schools, which are urgently seeking funding for repairs to the infrastructure of their buildings. Through a partnership with The Jamaica National Group’s online platform, persons can contribute to this project by donating to the initiative, under the Pledge2Build Project, which is mounted on the ISupportJamaica.comcrowd funding site.

Phillip Lindsay, operations officer,, at the JN Group, said that donating to the Pledge2Build Project, will greatly enhance the infrastructure of the schools.

Mr Lindsay informed that to date US156 was donated to the project but the target was US$50,000. He explained that contributing to any initiative via the platform is simple and secure. Interested persons may donate by visiting the ISupport platform at

In addition, donations can be made via online at the JN Live e-banking or by visiting a branch of any JN Bank or MoneyShop in Jamaica.

Thompson Town Primary School is the chief “feeder school” to Thompson Town High School, which is located a few metres away. The two schools share common facilities, such as a playfield.

Many of the parents of students work outside of the area, as the community’s main economic activities are farming, with some vending and a few small businesses. Students attending Thompson Town Primary are from the communities of Blackwoods, Reid Piece, Wakefield Lodge, Gloucester and Springfield.

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