Manchester – Christiana Leased Primary & Infant School

How will the funds be used?

The Pledge2Build campaign was developed to raise funds for capital improvement of early childhood and primary institutions across Jamaica. This is to ensure that the schools are safe and provide children with a conducive learning environment.

The funds raised will be used to carry out the following scope of works at the school:

  1. Repairs to the infant department (roof & walls)
  2. Termite treatment
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Manchester, Jamaica, Jamaica

A Stronger Nation Begins With A Pledge

Christiana Leased Primary and Infant School is situated in North-East Manchester approximately 32 Kilometres from Mandeville. The school started by the Anglican Church in 1889 under the Leadership of Rev John Cass. The present building which housed Infant to Grade 2 was completed in 1962. In 2006 an additional building was erected which presently house the Grades 3 to 6 students. Over these years, the school has grown in size and is having an impact in the communities it serves.

Socio-economic Context

Christiana is predominantly a farming community where subsistence farming is done on a wide scale. Most of the residents fall in the medium to low socio-economic levels. A wide variety of socio-economic activities are carried out in the community in order to meet the economic needs of the families of our students. These include farming, rearing of livestock and entrepreneurship.

The school assists needy student through a welfare programme funded by the PTA. Breakfast is also provided for the students who are on the PATH programme. At present we have a total of 223 students on the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH).

Physical Infrastructure

The physical facilities consist of three major buildings housing 21 classrooms, 4 administrative offices, staff room, bathrooms, a sick-bay, a resource room/library, and a canteen/kitchen. A ramp is also available for students who are physically challenged. A perimeter fence is also in place along with security camera system to ensure the safety and security of the school’s population.  There is also a playfield located at the rear of the new building. The roof of the oldest building leaks in several areas and mainly affects the infants and grades 1 and 2 students.

Co-Curricular Activities

As part of continuous student development, several clubs and societies have been instituted to facilitate extra-curricular activities – Culture, Math, 4-H/Environmental, Reading, Spelling, Red Cross, Scout, Boys Club and Brownie.  Students are prepared for J.C.D.C Speech competitions, 4H Achievement Day, Boys Outreach programme and for the first time our Club Achievement Day to be held this year.


The school has a strong partnership with parents and the wider community. This partnership offers support in all our major programmes. Monetary assistance is given towards sports, Literacy and Numeracy programmes 

Commitment to Duty

Guided by the motto; Discipline, Dedication and Determination the Keys to success, our school enjoys strong leadership and governance. Our staff is committed and continue to work assiduously to exceed the targets set for this academic year.

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