Leaking roof that needs to be fixed.

Christiana Leased Primary and Infant School Suffers from Leaking Roof

Built in 1962, the Christiana Leased Primary and Infant School, in North-East Manchester, is now in need of major repairs. The school has a leaking roof and when rain falls, the students and staff members are inconvenienced.

Christopher Tyme, then principal of the school, had appealed for assistance to make the repairs; and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, through its Pledge2 Build Initiative partnered with The Jamaica National Group, to raise funds, via its ISupportJamaica.com platform, to assist with the repairs at the school.

“Our most pressing need, at this time, is that the roof has major leaks.  The roof covers the area of the building which houses a section of the Infant Department and the Grade 1 and 2 classes. As a result, after rain falls at night, we need to do major clean ups in the mornings,” he said, pointing out that the ongoing experience is frustrating.

Pointing to other assistance which the school needs, Mr Tyme said that they are also in need of fencing for the Infant School. “We have a new block, which needs proper  fencing, to ensure the safety of our children; and the bathrooms at the infant school need to be upgraded,” he detailed.

Mr Tyme stated that once these areas are addressed, the students will have a more suitable environment, which will enhance learning; and greatly improve their academic performance.

The Infant Department which is in need of repairs.

The Infant Department which is in need of repairs.

Phillip Lindsay, operations officer, ISupportJamaica, at the JN Group, said that crowd funding is beneficial, as it is a positive method to gain exposure for initiatives, such as Pledge2Build.

Mr Lindsay also explained that contributing to any initiative via the platform is simple and secure. Donations can also be made via JN Live e-banking; and at the branch of any JN Bank or MoneyShop; as well as, through interbank transfers.

The school was established by the Anglican Church in 1889, under the leadership of the Rev John Cass. The present building, which houses the infant school to Grade 2 was completed in 1962. An additional building was erected in 2006, which presently house the Grades 3 to 6 students. Over the years, the student population has grown; and the educational facility makes a positive impact in the communities it serves.

Christiana is predominantly a farming community; and most residents, are subsistence farmers, whose income fall in the medium to low socio-economic levels. A wide variety of socio-economic activities are now being carried out in the community, in an effort to meet the economic needs of the families of the students. These include farming, rearing of livestock and entrepreneurship.

Currently, the school assists needy students through a welfare plan funded by the Parent Teachers Association. Breakfast is also provided for students, who are on the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH). At present, there are approximately 223 students participating in PATH.

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