ISupport - Help The Vinelist get Investor Ready

Help The Vinelist get Investor Ready

We're looking to disrupt the world of retail and we need your help to do so!


We are a platform for local retail businesses and consumers who are looking for an easier alternative to assist in locating each other.

Instead of calling a store or walking around the nearest mall, we will allow consumers to post to our website the products they wish to purchase locally and be directed to the local retailers who have that product or a similar alternative in stock.


How will the funds be used?


We are very close to approaching an investor; however we need to achieve a few more objectives prior to doing so. In order to be investor ready we are seeking to raise money to assist us with several initiatives such as; validating our business model, developing and testing our hypothesis through a marketing campaign and to cover additional development costs. 

Our service has the potential to impact the region in a significantly positive way, and with this funding we can develop the product and business efficiently without compromise.


After validating in Kingston, Jamaica, we will be approaching local angel investors in order to extend the business.  In the meantime, we will continue to use both outbound and inbound strategies in order become more relevant within the local retail market.  We have started to engage businesses in order to gain traction through their network while constantly communicating with our early adopters in order to build loyalty and trust.

Our aspiration is to expand within the next two (2) years throughout the country, partnering with over four hundred (400) businesses throughout the island. We eventually aspire to also grow into a regional/global solution that helps to generate new leads and business for merchants in other developing countries. A key factor to a seamless expansion into different markets will be our mobile applications and website which makes for building a very scalable and viral ready product.

We would like you to be a part of our growth and with this opportunity we are looking forward to have you join us on our journey on becoming a global startup solution!

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