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Preserving Hope

Help us to Preserve Hope

Donate to Hope Zoo today and help us to Preserve Hope. Hope zoo not only protects all wild animals in our rescue centre but we have developed many programs that protect all Jamaicans four-legged, two-legged and no legged. 

  • Our programs include izoocycle where we collected 500,000 bottles in three months while giving children the opportunity to come to the zoo for free or at 50% off. 
  • The zooriculum enhances to National Curriculum by using the zoo to teach the curriculum in a tactile way. 
  • Our Special needs and At-Risk youth program using animal therapy and environmental therapy to cater to special needs children and rehabilitate at-risk youth. 

We have seen great success with our programs and ask everyone to donate now to allow Jamaicans to be able to access all we have to offer with every donate we provide a 50% discount izoocycle ticket to a child in need.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to bring in an education consultant for the next stage of the izoocylce programme called the “Zooriculum”. Our goal is to spend a day at the zoo with the children and incorporate teaching them the national curriculum in a unique way.

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$11 USD

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Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation
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Pledge $50.00 or more

izoocycle access pass to the zoo for one parent and one child

Pledge $200.00 or more

izoocycle access passes to the zoo for two adults and two children

Pledge $500.00 or more

izoocyle access pass to the zoo for two adults and three children. An izoocycle T-Shirt!

Pledge $1500.00 or more

izoocycle passes for four adults and six children. An izoocycle T-shirt and an invitation to the Zoo Angel Thank you reception Sept. 2017