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Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation launched the pilot of the izoocycle programme in January 2017. In eight weeks we hosted 5,000 students, teachers, special needs students, foster families and children in state care at the zoo. 

Each person brought plastic bottles to pay for their entry into the zoo. During this time we collected thousands of bottles and all visitors benefited emotionally, mentally and physically from being at the zoo. Now we want this programme to continue to help more Jamaicans enjoy this natural environment and our animals while cleaning up Jamaica.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to bring in an education consultant for the next stage of the izoocylce programme called the “Zooriculum”. Our goal is to spend a day at the zoo with the children and incorporate teaching them the national curriculum in a unique way.

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izoocycle access pass to the zoo for one parent and one child

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