ISupport - Realignment Tour Chapter II - Restored

Realignment Tour Chapter II - Restored

#Restoration Project

Kevin Downswell Ministries has been established over the past 11 years and has revolved around the singing ministry of Mr. Downswell, whose talent, gift and personal testimony have propelled him to the top tier of gospel singers in his home country Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and globally.

Throughout the years, his music has touched the lives of people far and wide of various ages. Realizing the impact of the music, Kevin Downswell Ministries has decided to embark on doing outreach to assist others in need and to encourage others to do the same. This, therefore, is the heart and vision of the Realignment Tour which is in it's second staging this year. Realignment is about all of us coming back to the heart of God, stepping off the stage, pulling up our sleeves and serving the community.  

The theme of 2018 is RESTORED 

The projects we've selected to be RESTORED this year are Ferris Primary School (Westmoreland) and Hanbury Home for Children (Manchester). 

About Ferris Primary School: 

Ferris Primary School is located in Central Westmoreland in a small community known as Ferris. It is approximately 5 miles (11km) from the capital town of Savanna- La- Mar. The school was established in 1933. The main economic activity is farming. Ground provisions and vegetables are grown on a small scale.

About Hanbury Home of Children: 

The Hanbury Children’s Home was founded by the late Pat Taylor and Millie Mylan in 1956 with only four children. The facility, now operated by the Salvation Army, houses 74 children from age 0 to 18 years, with a staff complement of 22.

How will the funds be used?

Ferris Primary School: 
  1. Restoration of the Chicken Coup used to generate income for the school. These funds go towards assisting the students with money to travel to and from school 
  2. Renovation of the Bathrooms which currently have broken sinks and toilets 
  3. Develop their technology room. Including the addition of brand new computers (all the existing computers are broken) 
  4. Build dividing walls between classrooms. 

Hanbury Home for Children: 
  1.  Purchase clothes for the children 
  2. Implement a mentorship programme for the teenagers 
  3. Revive their Farming Programme used to generate income to run the school 
  4. Restore the infrastructure of the home 

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