ISupport - NEOja2K Apprentice Program

NEOja2K Apprentice Program

Help 2,000 youths to access their apprenticeship opportunities by helping them with transportation and lunch each day

NEO Jamaica is to increase job opportunities for poor, vulnerable and low-income Jamaican young people ages 17 to 29. The expected results are to broaden the quality and relevance of training programs and employment systems for vulnerable young people in the country. The project will benefit 10,000 vulnerable youths, where 50% females will be attended by the strengthened training and employment institutions. Similarly, 11 training and employment centres will be strengthened according to NEO Quality Standards Guide. In addition, 100 companies will benefit by employing skilled youths from the NEO program.

NEO seeks to close the gap between the skills that young people have and the demand among companies for qualified personnel by: (i) coordinating and linking the efforts of the main stakeholders in the fields of education/training, the labour market and youth, so that they may address these problems in a systemic manner and not simply through isolated and uncoordinated efforts; and (ii) scaling up effective models of vocational guidance, training and job placement services so as to increase the quality and relevance of job placement services and job opportunities for poor and vulnerable youths.

These funding opportunities will allow the youths that are trained to access their apprenticeships. NEO Jamaica aims to place 2,000 trained youths as apprentices. 50% of them will be women.

How will the funds be used?

100% of funding goes directly to the apprentice. It will help them with transportation costs, lunch and savings account that at the end of the apprenticeship, they can pay for additional education or a small business of their own.

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NEO Jamaica
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Pledge $10.00 or more

Thank you letter from the apprentice you supported

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Thank you letter from the apprentice, an autographed T-Shirt from a Hope Ambassador (Beenie Man, Dutty Berry, Jesse Royal, Chi Chi Ching)

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Thank you letter from the apprentice, an update on their progress after 1 month, an autographed T-Shirt from a Hope Ambassador