ISupport - Immaculate Conception High School New Classroom Building Fund

Immaculate Conception High School New Classroom Building Fund

5 new classrooms and 4 new Labs

It has been well documented that students in fairly small classrooms do much better than those in overcrowded rooms. Here at Immaculate Conception High School, although our homerooms have 40-46 students, most of our classes have approximately 30 students.

However, in Grades 7 and 8, a few of the classes are whole classes, that is, they have 40-46 students. In order to reduce these class sizes, we will need to increase the number of classrooms that we have.


No classrooms have been added since 1997 (over 20 years ago), and we have increased in numbers (from 1400 then to 1670 now); an increase of 270. We have added new subjects in order to stay relevant in the digital age (IT, Digital Media etc.); and we have included STEM curriculum to better serve our students.

Immaculate Conception High School is one of Jamaica’s oldest learning institutions and is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year. We would like to build these new classrooms as we celebrate this milestone in our school’s life.

Project details: The full project is estimated at JMD$ 76 Million Dollars, no amount is too small, every donation helps the children.

In January 1941 the Immaculate Conception High School was reported at Constant Spring. Ninety-nine students were enrolled and 16 boarders. 

Immaculate Conception High School is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year and is one of Jamaica's oldest learning institutions. 

How will the funds be used?

We would like to build an addition of 5 new classrooms and 4 new labs which will bring the classroom/ teacher ratio down to a manageable 32 to 1 in ALL subject areas. This will ensure that there is better teacher/student interaction and will allow us to ensure that no child is left behind. We are therefore asking you to help us accomplish this mammoth task. 

ICHS is still the top girls’ school in Jamaica and is the ONLY school to require that the girls take a minimum of 6 CSEC subjects including Math, English Language and Literature, IT, a Foreign Language and a Science subject.

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Dionne Amoy

$30 USD

Nekeita Powell-Miller

$50 USD

Angella Harris

$10 USD

Lesley-Ann Miller-Wilson

$100 USD

Keisha Benjamin

$100 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$100 USD

Phillip Lindsay

$2 USD

Alecia Rose

$5 USD

Maria Allen

$40 USD

Judy Shim

$100 USD

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target $25,000 USD

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