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Haile Selassie High School Music Room

Keep Our Children Smiling

Haile Selassie High School is located in Payne Avenue, Kingston 11. This school was opened on September 9, 1969 and is a gift from, H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia when he visited Jamaica in 1966.


The motto of the school is “Learning for a Living”, which was inspired by the words of the emperor himself:



Students of the institution enjoy participating in cultural activities such as music, dance and the arts. Currently, there is a music programme, which seeks to empower youths and foster their creative skills. 

The structure in which the Music Department is housed has a leaking roof however the programme also lacks the necessary equipment to facilitate the execution of a wholistic programme. 

The Bob Marley Foundation has a longstanding relationship with the school. Upon recognizing the talent of the students and needs of the school, the Foundation launched a fundraiser for the school’s music room.   


Join hands with the Bob Marley Foundation as we try to raise funds for the school to contribute to unearthing the talent of students.


Help the school to continue its mission of promotion and enhancement of the total physical, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual development of all students who within its sphere of influence there by making them fit to live and fit to live with.

How will the funds be used?

Scope of Works:

·         Renovation of Music Room roof

·         Provision of musical equipment     

You can contact:

Alicia Williams 630- 1592 / 869-2936 or via email at

Learn more at

Thank you for your support! 

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Martin-Peter Moses

$4 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$24,380 USD

General Public Donation

$141 USD

JN LIVE JA$ Donor (s)

$28 USD

Justin Sirgany

$60 USD

Audience Donation

$186 USD

Toni-Ann Robinson

$8 USD

Kaydean Dale

$8 USD

Dana Gayle

$8 USD

Antoinette Lewis

$6 USD

Patrice Fuller

$4 USD

Thierry Combin

$80 USD

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