ISupport - A Bus for Maxfield Park Children's Home

A Bus for Maxfield Park Children's Home

One goal, one passion - A bus for Maxfield Park Children's home

Every day our children brave the streets of Maxfield Avenue in a police division where the crime rate is up by 95%, facing the threat of traffic accidents, sexual predators and robbers. When they are ill we are forced to rely on costly and unreliable transportation to take them to the hospitals, running the risk of compromising their health, especially for those with special needs.

They have limited experiences with the outside world because we can’t afford to take them to special events and on trips. Maxfield Park Children’s Home is a safe haven and a source of love and support for over 100 children in need; but we need your help to do more for them. Please help us raise funds for a 15-seater bus so we can protect the most vulnerable Jamaicans among us. With your help, we can keep our children safe and give them the very best care.

You can contact the Manager of the MPCH Mr. Bowen 926-7831 / 577-9648 or the Board Chair Mrs Emprezz Golding via email at

Learn more at 

Thank you for your support! 

How will the funds be used?

These much-needed funds will help the Maxfield Park Children's Home to acquire a new bus.

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Renee Rattray

$100 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$460 USD

Inter-Bank Donor (s)

$168 USD

JN LIVE JA$ Donor (s)

$50 USD

Branch Network Donor (s)

$39 USD


$25 USD

Rainbow Land

$15 USD

Nichola Kesson-Blair

$4 USD

Taneka Palmer

$4 USD

Tenequnie Duquesnay

$4 USD

Sacha Neil Elliott

$4 USD

Patrice Coleman

$2 USD

Kayon Bailey

$4 USD

Julia Williams

$8 USD

Ann-Marie Donaldson

$4 USD

Lissia Robotham

$8 USD

Winsome Senior

$4 USD

Antoinette Lewis

$6 USD

Patrice Fuller

$4 USD

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$913 USD pledged

target $20,000 USD

No time left

days to go

Emprezz Golding
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  Kingston Parish, Jamaica