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Rêve Wellness Festival

“LIV GUD, GIV TANX” (Live Well, Be GRATEFUL in all things)

Rêve Wellness Festival was created in 2012 by the sibling entrepreneurs of Rêve Jewellery & Accessories, Duane and Teasea Bennett.

“REVE WELLNESS Festival; “LIV GUD, GIV TANX” aims to promote and market the positive power of the local micro and small creative businesses in Jamaica through community and charity.

Since inception, REVE WELLNESS Festival® (RWF) has cumulatively raised and contributed approximately US$3,500 in cash and kind and is poised to becoming the main holistic event in the island that imparts value through community, culture and the arts. Staged against a natural backdrop RWF showcases a quality artisan marketplace aimed at sharing an authentic Jamaica “experience” through the visual and performing arts, foods, culture and local trends.

The one day event features a pop-up village with services and products in the categories for fashion, food, art, lifestyle, health, finances, relationships and spiritual balance. Throughout the day, patrons enjoy live music, YOGA, Natural hair styling sessions, dance performances, activities for children much more. At the end, part-proceed are contributed to a pre - selected local charity. Some organization to benefit includes Reach One Child Foundation by Cherine Anderson and the Mona School of Hope for youth and young adults with disabilities. 

How will the funds be used?

Part-proceeds from RWF benefits pre-selected local charities based on the theme of the year. This year in loving memory of friend and fellow entrepreneur Ms. Kelli Thompson, proceeds will benefit the "Jamaica Cancer Society".

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Duane & Teasea Bennett
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