ISupport - Cupcakes by Pizzaz !

Cupcakes by Pizzaz !

It's not a party without Pizzaz!

We are Zabrina and Zoe’ Smith, creators of Pizzaz! Party Planning. Pizazz, registered in February 2015 was borne out of our passion for the culinary arts and planning. Essentially an event planning company, with many products and services to be explored, our first idea and product was cupcakes! However, being the creative geniuses we are, we did not just make any cupcakes, we sought to make extraordinary cupcakes. Our treats include delicious flavours such as Glorious Guava, Strawberry Surprise, Apple and Chocolate Delight just to name a few. Our customers absolutely love the diversity that we've brought to the market! They enjoy them and even want more!

Our campaign, Cupcakes by Pizzaz! aims to expand the market for our unique cupcakes so everyone can have a taste! Also, to further meet the demand of our current customers. However, to aid more efficient production, our company needs more equipment and stock.

How will the funds be used?

This is where you come in! With your help we can meet our goal of raising enough funds to purchase the requisite items:

           Stand Mixer - $500.00

           Display refrigerator - $1,000.00

           Tent - $800.00

           Large gas oven- $1,000.00

           Inventory - $1,000.00

           Promotional equipment - $700.00

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Zabrina Abigail Smith
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  Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica