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Kingston - Holy Family Primary & Infant School

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Holy Family Primary & Infant School, formerly known as East Branch Elementary School is located at 2 & 9 Laws Street, in South Central Kingston in an area commonly known as “Southside” This school was founded in 1890. The building then was a converted hospital, as the area was a residential one.

This building was destroyed in the 1951 hurricane. In January 1954, the school closed for rebuilding and was reopened in August of the same year. The programme until then was for children of all ages, but in 1963 the school became a Junior School with an Infant Department.

The School is in an area faced with deprivations, where opportunities are few. The economic circumstances from which most of the pupils come are one of dismal need and poverty. According to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN 2007) more than 70% of persons in this community are socio-economically at risk. Most pupils come from families in this community, which are single parent female-headed households with low wages, under-employment and unemployment.

Good role models for the young and the leadership necessary to have their energies focused in a positive direction are virtually lacking. These situations result in a number of social problems, which impact on the wider community and also the school.

The story of Holy Family since the destruction by the hurricane has been one of struggle and growth. In 1968 the school expanded its grounds by acquiring the property on 50 Fleet Street. In 1972, Past Principal, Sister Mary Benedict Chung R.S.M., O.D., with the kind assistance of the Kingston Rotary Club constructed six classrooms. Three classrooms, a library and additional staff facilities were erected in 1993. This building has been named in Sister’s Benedict’s honour.

The entire staff comprises 39 teachers, headed by Mr. Christopher O. Wright and Vice Principals: Mesdames Venice Hibbert and Patricia Parke-Richards (Acting). Ms .Charmaine Ferguson, Senior Teacher 3 coordinates the Infant Department located at 9, Laws Street. Guidance Counsellors are Mrs. Marcia Richards-Gordon and Mr. Dillon Anikey.

The following table shows the status and qualification of the academic staff for the academic year 2009 – 2010.

How will the funds be used?

The Pledge2Build campaign was developed to raise funds for capital improvement of early childhood and primary institutions across Jamaica. This is to ensure that the schools are safe and provide children with a conducive learning environment.

The funds raised will be used to carry out the following scope of works at the school:

  •        Add additional staircases to the two (2) buildings)
  •        Repair roof
  •        Repair bathrooms
  •        Repair structural issues 

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