ISupport - St. Ann - Alva Primary and Infant School

St. Ann - Alva Primary and Infant School

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The Alva Primary and Infant School was established in 1905. The institution is located 5km south east of Alexandria, St. Ann, along the road to Nine Miles in the Dry Harbour Mountains.

There are 190 students enrolled in this multi grade school with a staff compliment of eight. This includes: janitor, cook, five teachers and the principal.

Our mission as a Roman Catholic Institution is to create and implement curricular and co-curricular activities. Equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, scientific environment and cultural awareness for further education. Consequently, students will achieve academically, acquire a well-rounded personality, respect of God, self and others.

How will the funds be used?

Scope of Works:

  1. Termite treatment
  2. Classrooms partitions in the primary school
  3. Repairs to roof of main school (primary) and guttering for water harvesting
  4. Modifications to the bathroom of the infant section of the school (shower added to meet Early Childhood Commission’s Standards)
  5. Install playground equipment for infant school
  6. Fence around the infant section of the school to enhance safety

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Charles Wood

$300 USD

Anonymous Donor

$18 USD

Marlon Samuels

$75 USD

Latoya Harris

$30 USD

mazie wilson

$30 USD

Claudette Lawrence

$500 USD

Tony Wood

$300 USD

Daniel Nicholson

$100 USD

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  St. Ann Parish, Jamaica