Who We Are

ISupportJamaica is a crowdfunding platform which seeks to provide a simple, creative and secure avenue for Jamaicans residing locally and overseas; as well as friends of Jamaica to provide financial support to micro-enterprises and not for profit projects and programmes.

We are the first

The first crowdfunding website to be launched in the English speaking Caribbean, ISupportJamaica is positioned as the leading online fundraising platform in Jamaica, with the following primary objective:

  • to assist microentrepreneurs to source funding for social ventures and businesses
  • to improve the quality of life of stakeholders
  • to create new jobs opportunities
  • to support the development of the Jamaican micro and social enterprise sectors.

Social Mission

Guided by four primary social missions, ISupportJamaica, through project listings and donor support, commits to the realization of the following areas for increased social and economical well-being of Jamaica and by extension Jamaicans:

  • To promote and foster community empowerment
  • To drive innovation through technology
  • To encourage entrepreneurial habits
  • To build patriotism

Donating to a microenterprise or social enterprise

Jamaicans are known for their indomitable spirit in areas such as business, sports, music and philanthropic efforts. However, the inability to seize a professional or business opportunity is often tied to lack of financial resources, which can impact on the growth and emergence of talent, innovation and viable businesses.

For thousands of small business entrepreneurs, the inherent risk and the lack of adequate collateral are primary hindrances for businesses and the incapability of entrepreneurs to realize their true business potential.

Giving to not for profit organizations
(local charities and community groups etc.)

Social entrepreneurship facilitates the framework for effecting social change by using traditional business practices to gain something more than profit. ISupportJamaica makes it easy for individual philanthropists and social entrepreneurs who want to contribute to specific causes in communities across Jamaica to benefit from donations. Through the online platform, registered users of the site, despite their location, are able to donate to worthy and socially responsible initiatives.

In creating this causal link between idea and execution, and by extension dreams and funding, ISupportJamaica fosters a viable and thriving entrepreneurial spirit that is at the core of the Jamaican social landscape.

ISupportJamaica is an initiative of the JN Small Business Loans Limited (“JNSBL”).

Where projects come from?

Each and every ISupport project is the independent creation of someone like you. Want to know more about how projects happen, or start your own?